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Process or Prize

The biggest dilemma in today’s world is that we are not clear about the aim or passion of our life and that is what holds us back from becoming successful. We dream of becoming something else and we end up choosing a profession which we don’t like. That’s why we are going to solve this dilemma through the concept of process and prize.

As a child, we dream of becoming many things and most of those professions are inspired by the recent movies we see, the people around us and the things we experience. But as we grow up, we get tangled in the actuality and end up choosing a profession which we don’t like.

While many people choose a different field because of the circumstances, others are not able to differentiate between their passion and attraction towards a profession. So let’s look at the right way to find your passion in your life so that you can steer your life on the right path.

What is Passion?

There is no clear definition of what passion actually is but by taking ideas from some of the most inspirational personalities and analyzing the various meanings of passion, I have come up with the following definition

“Passion can be any productive practice of a person which he enjoys doing without expecting any results from it”

It has been rightly said in Geeta (Holy Book of Hindus) “Do your duty without thinking about the result”. While the above lines have been said for spending a life as an ideal human being, it can also be related to the passion of your life. If you are doing something just because you love doing it instead of being attracted to its prize, then you are moving in the right direction of your life.

Process or Prize?

One of the easiest ways to differentiate between passion and attraction is to analyze what you actually love; the process of the work or the prize of the work? Lets understand this with an example.

If a person is working in a BPO sector and if that is not his passion, then he will surely be attracted to only the prizes of that particular job like the salary, the increment and all other benefits which he will be getting through his job. While on the other side, if a person playing guitar and it’s his passion, then his love of recording music, composing songs, jamming with bandmates will surely overcast its prize, which is money, fame, and popularity.

What do you need to do?

So when you have finally filtered some of the things which you want to do in your life, then you need to look at whether you are attracted to just the outcomes of those jobs or you actually love the work.

If you will start loving the process of any work, then there is no doubt that the outcome will always be good and even if some cases, the outcomes don’t come according to your expectation, still your work wouldn’t be impacted because of it.

Like, if you love acting and your short movie doesn’t get the expected response, still it won’t have much effect on your preparation and dedication towards acting because acting is what you love and the result of your acting is the secondary benefit which you get from it.

Process is internal and Prize is external 

In most of the cases, you should always focus on the things that are in your control because that’s the right approach towards living an ideal life.

The prize of any work is its external factor which is not in your control, as the fame, money, and publicity which you are getting through your work may be wiped out in a fraction of second, but your expertise at your work, your love for your work and your determination towards your work can never be snatched from you.

It doesn’t matter what are the conditions, it doesn’t matter how bad the things are turning for you, your expertise and experience for your profession will always be with you and keeps what keep you motivated throughout your life.

So, if you have chosen any profession, then it is very much necessary to analyze it on the basis of the prize and process because that is the only way to find the actual aim of your life.

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You’ve read Do You Love The Process or The Prize?, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

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